Dr. Pallavi Mannam, Dr. D Ankamma Rao


Background: RGU is the gold standard investigation for assessment of male anterior urethra. SUG is an infrequently used technique for this purpose. Each has its merits and demerits.

Aim and objectives:The aim of the study was to compare the  best modality between RGU and SUG in evaluation of anterior urethral strictures.

Materials and methods: This study was conducted in the Department of Radio Diagnosis at NRI General Hospital, Chinakakani, Guntur from 2016-2017.A total of 40 pateints attending urology OPD in the age group 20 to 70 years with complaints suggestive of lower urinary symptoms were studied. Results from both studies were compared for testing the accuracy, ease of performing the study and advantage to the patient.

Results: Out of 40 patients on RGU, 15 patients were normal, 23 patients had strictures. One patient had a urethral tumour and one patient had a false passage in the penile urethra. A total of 24 strictures were demonstrated on SUG. In one of these cases, RGU was normal. Strictures were assessed for location and number. Periurethral fibrosis on SUG. RGU was deemed to be the gold standard test against which SUG results were assessed. SUG showed a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 93.3%. The positive predictive value was 96.1% and the negative predictive value was 100%. Out of 24 cases of strictures detected by SUG, 4 cases showed evidence of Spongiofibrosis which can be evaluated by SUG alone.

Conclusion: Conventional RGU is the gold standard imaging test for urethral strictures even in the advanced CT and MRI era. Our study  with SUG also showed results on par with  RGU with the modality being equally efficient in detection of anterior urethral  strictures.


Sonourethrography, Retrograde Urethrography, Urethral strictures, Urethral Tumours, False Passage.

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