Dr Samina Ashraf, Dr Asima Afzal, Dr Zarnain Abid


OBJECTIVE :The main objective of the study was to analyze the rate and indications of caesarean sections in our hospital, which is  a lone tertiary care hospital of  Kashmir. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Our study was a retrospective study conducted in Department of obstetrics and Gyneacology, Lalla Ded hospital, Government Medical College, Srinagar Kashmir from July 2019 to December 2019. RESULTS: A total of 10,866 births occurred in the study period, out of which 7210 ( 66.35%) were caesarean deliveries. Majority of caesarean deliveries were done as emergency cases (92.45%) while as only 7.54% of cases were done on elective basis. 65.54%  of patients belonged to age group 31-40 years. Majority of cases were primigravida (53.93%) while as 38.2% were G2-G4. Our study reported the primary caesarean rate of 70.31% while as repeat caesareans were 29.68%.  Fetal             distress was the leading indication for caesarean section (32.76%) followed by previous one scar (16.85%).CONCLUSION: The rate of caesarean deliveries in our hospital was 66.35% with fetal distress followed by previous one caesarean as most common indication. 


caesarean section, rate, indications

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