Dr. Arti, Deep Jyoti, Neelam Kotwal


Acute otitis externa is defined as diffuse inflammation of the external auditory canal. It is often associated with high humidity, warm temperatures, swimming, local trauma and use of hearing aid or hearing protectors.

METHODS: This is a prospective observational study conducted on 62 patients in ENT Department, SMGS Hospital GMC Jammu, over a period of 3 months from November 2019 to January 2020 after taking ethical clearance from the institutional ethical committee.

RESULTS: Out of the 62 patients, 37 patients (59.6%) were male and 25 patients (40.3%) were female. Maximum number of patients reported in the age group of 31-40 and 41-50 years i;e 19% in each group. 83% had unilateral otitis externa and 16% had bilateral disease. 56.4% of the patients presented with diffuse otitis externa, 38% with localised and 4.8% with necrotizing type of otitis externa.

CONCLUSION: Otitis externa is a common and preventable condition of the external auditory canal. It can be prevented by avoiding the precipitating factor and seeking treatment in the early stage of the disease.


Otitis Externa, External Auditory canal, diffuse, necrotising

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