Dr. Prachee Singh


Objective- To understand  the importance of CRP test in diagnosis of neonatal sepsis, Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory presentation brought to Medical college hospital .

Introduction- One hundred samples of patients were screened for CRP those who are having various ailments in the Medical college hospital , we have screened the serum samples by latex agglutination test. CRP appears and disappears more quickly than changes in ESR.  Therefore the  CRP is considered the useful nonspecific biochemical marker of inflammation measurement. CRP contributes importantly to various disease diagnosis.

Results & Observation- The study is based on 100 samples collected from different specialty in duration of three months. Neonatal sepsis is confirmed in two cases out of four .The study was useful in finding out indication of arthritis  in 20% cases of  orthopedic dept. The study was also useful in ascertaining the impact of drugs used in post -surgery cases and also in cases of general medicine.


CRP ( C- reactive protein)

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