Dr. Krishnapriya Srinivasan, Dr. Chalakuzhiyil Abraham Mathew, Dr. Kasthuri Sundaramoorthy, Dr. Sheela Kannan


Dentures are not only used to restore the functions of oral cavity, it also plays an effective  role in forensic  dentistry. Denture labeling system helps in identification of individuals in natural disaster, accidents and is also important for medico legal purpose. various types of denture labeling methods are available, many techniques do not permit to incorporate large amount of information. This case report describes the technique for inclusion of aadhar number which is issued by government of India, a unique identification number for every Indian that could be globally recognized. The aadhar number and quick read code printed in paper for incorporation. This method is less time consuming, durable, cost effective, unique to every Indian and provides all necessary information. A standardized denture labeling method is not followed in India , this case report proposes a standardized identification method for denture labeling.


denture labeling, aadhar number, aadhar quick read code.

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