Dr. Ambigai Meena, Dr. Hema T


           Auto immune disorders are common among women of child bearing age. Pregnancies complicated by these disorders have a high clinical impact on both the pregnancy and the disease. Sjogren syndrome can either present alone as primary Sjogren syndrome or can present in association with any other auto immune disorder as secondary sjogren syndrome. Laboratory diagnosis of Sjögren syndrome is usually made by the following markers: antinuclear antibodies (most frequently detected), anti SS-A (also called anti- Ro; most specific), anti-SS-B (also called anti-La), and cryoglobu­lins and hypocomplementemia (main prognostic markers). Sjogren syndrome is likely to worsen during pregnancy. Pregnancy  can be complicated with spontaneous abortions , fetal loss and specifically  fetal congenital heart block. We have reported  a case of pregnancy with bad obstetric history which was diagnosed to have sjogren syndrome  and was successfully managed.


Sjogren syndrome, antinuclear antibodies, auto immune disease

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