Dr. Diptesh S. Rami, Dr. Rajesh Sethuraman, Dr. Vishal Parmar, Dr. Harekrishna Raval


Many times a dentist comes across a situation in which his clinical expertise and knowledge can play an important role in treatment planning. One such situation is case of a pier abutment. Pier abutment is an abutment with edentulous apace on either side of it. Pier abutments act as a Class I fulcrum lever in a fixed partial denture with rigid connectors. Class I lever causing stress on the terminal abutments and failure of the Fixed Dental Prosthesis (FDP). This article describes the management of pier abutment with a simple method using customized semi precision attachments.


Pier Abutment, Non rigid connector, Semi precision attachment, Fixed Partial Denture, Stress Breaker

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