Arora Sakshi, Sabharwal Bhavnish


We studied the effects of intrathecal clonidine added to isobaric levobupivacaine for anesthesia & analgesia in transuretheral resection of prostate (TURP) surgery and observed there side effects. In this randomized, prospective, controlled trial, two groups of 50 patients were studied as (i) Patients in Group A received 15 mg (3ml) of 0.5% isobaric levobupivacaine and 0.30ml of 0.9% normal saline and (ii) Patients in Group B received 15 mg (3ml) of 0.5% isobaric levobupivacaine and 0.30ml (50µg) of clonidine. The duration of analgesia, variation in motor block, hemodynamic variations, any associated side effects due to intrathecal clonidine were recorded. It was observed that addition of small dose of clonidine to isobaric levobupivacaine given intrathecal resulted in faster onset, longer duration of analgesia & prolongation of motor blockade & there side effects (hypotension) were treatable. The finding suggests that clonidine added to isobaric levobupivacaine is an attractive option for improving the quality and duration of analgesia for treating pain and discomfort to the patient in transuretheral resection of prostate surgery.


Analgesia, Isobaric levobupivacaine, Intrathecal Clonidine, TURP

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