Shaik khader basha, Ankush Mishra, Dr. Swaminathan, K S Ravishankar


Eosinophilic enteritis is eosinophilic infilteration of bowel wall. it most commonly involves stomach and proximal small bowel.we present a case of a 36 year old female who presented with complaints of right lower abdominal pain, vomiting’s and fever,per abdominal examination there was tenderness in right iliac fossa with rebound tenderness. Usg abdomen was suggested appendicitis. Pt was taken up diagnostic laparoscopy in which we found a mass involving appendix, caecum, ascending colon hence laparotomy with ilieotransverse anastomoses was done. Histopathological examination revealed eosinophilic enteritis.post operatively patient was put on oral glucocorticoid regimen.Patient has been asymptomatic in the follow up for 6 months



eosinophilic enteritis, EGE, eosinophilic gastroenteritis.

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