Dr. Y. Satya Sai Sruthi, Dr. Lakshmana Rao Bathala, Dr. R. Narendra Kumar, Dr. Jibi Joseph, Dr. Nibha Kumari Singh


PURPOSE: This study was aimed to review the different methods for reproduction of tilt of a cast on a surveyor.
METHODOLOGY: An electronic literature search was conducted through Medline via Pubmed, Wiley Online library, Ebscohost, Science
Direct, as well as the Google Scholar for article published between October 1973 and March 2016, using the key words, tilt of cast, surveying, path
of insertion, preservation of tilt and reproduction of tilt. A total of 20 articles were found out of these 8 were not related to present search and hence
were excluded from the study. Finally 12 articles were found to be relevant.
RESULTS: All the techniques given by the different authors are having both advantages and disadvantages.
CONCLUSION: The path of insertion of a removable partial denture must be determined during treatment planning and permanently recorded on
the cast. Literature has suggested several methods for the reproduction of cast tilt on surveyors.


Tilt Of The Cast, Surveying, Preservation Of Tilt, Reproduction Of Tilt, Path Of Insertion.

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