Lokesh Arora, Musunuru Brahmeswara Rao, Vutukuru Venkatarami Reddy, Chandrakasan Chandra maliteeswaran


INTRODUCTION: In this retrospective study, our aim is to study epidemiology of retroperitoneal tumors and correlate clinical presentation of
patients with radiological and final pathological findings.
METHODS: All the patients with the diagnosis of retroperitoneal tumor are included. Known Lymphoma or the patients with enlarged peripheral
lymph nodes and metastatic tumors are excluded.
RESULTS; Total of 27 patients presented with retroperitoneal tumors. Mean age at presentation was 48.07±13.40. 17(62.96%) out of 27 patients
were females. Most common presentation was (18, 66.7%) Pain abdomen, followed by lump abdomen (11,40.7%). Most common tumor in our
series is sarcoma, (14.8%).
CONCLUSION: In our analysis of 27 patients, Retroperitoneal tumors are found predominantly in females in 5th decade of life. Majority of the
patients presented with non specific pain abdomen. Radiological assessment is key to diagnosis, with CT scan playing a major role in preoperative


Retroperitoneal tumor, adreno cortical carcinoma, chylolymphatic cyst, dysgerminoma, gist, leiomyosarcoma, liposarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma, mullerian cyst, neuroendocrine tumor, pheochromocytoma

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