Deepa. D, Usha Gupta, Jeyapal. V, Sajitha G R, Dinesh Roy


Arterial stiffening is a significant determinant of cardiovascular diseases. Carotid femoral pulse wave velocity (CF PWV) is a well-accepted tool to
measure central arterial stiffening. Previous literatures has shown that increased DNA damage was associated with CVD. It was an observational
case control study which consists of CVD patients (n=85) and healthy adults (n=34).Physiological parameters were measured with the Cardiac
Risk Profiler. DNA damage was quantified by Cytokinesis block Micronuclei Assay (CBMN).The mean (±SD) values of CFPWV, systolic BP
(SBP), peripheral pulse pressure, central aortic systole (Ao systole), central aortic pulse pressure and CBMN frequency showed statistically
significant difference between case and control (p˂0.05). CBMN and CFPWV were the independent risk factors for the development of varying
degrees of CVD.


Arterial stiffness, DNA damage, cardiovascular diseases

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