Dr Nisha, Dr Nitish Patwardhan, Dr A. C. Tanna


BACKGROUND : Chronic kidney disease(CKD) disrupts the homeostasis of the body by ill effects on various physiologic systems, endocrine
system being one of them . There have been many studies about thyroid dysfunction in persons with acute systemic illness and in CKD patients not
on maintainance hemodialysis. The data regarding prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in persons with chronic kidney disease (CKD) requiring
chronic dialysis is sparse.
OBJECTIVE:The present study was done to assess the prevalence and type of subclinical thyroid dysfunction in patients of chronic kidney
disease(CKD) on maintainance hemodialysis
STUDY METHODOLOGY: Cross-sectional data from 100 adult patients who were registered in the hemodialysis unit of Guru Gobindsingh
Civil Hospital, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, was analyzed with Multivariable logistic regression analysis.The data consisted of estimated Glomerular
filtration rate (eGFR), calculated by the abbreviated Modification of Diet in Renal Disease(MDRD) equation and serum TSH, serum free T3 and
serum free T4.
RESULTS: Statistically nonsignificant negative correlation was found between estimated GFR and serum TSH, serum free T3, serum free T4
(Pearson's correlation r= - 0.178, - 0.052 and -0.110 respectively).
CONCLUSION: In our study we found that although subclinical thyroid dysfunction, more of subclinical hypothyroidism is detected in patients
of chronic kidney disease on maintainance hemodialysis, it is not statistically significant.


CKD, Hemodialysis, Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction, TSH, Serum Free T4

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