Deepak Kumar, Satyajit Pradhan, Neeraj Dhameja


Introduction: GIST that arises primarily outside the GI tract is rare, and is termed as Extra Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (EGIST). CD117
positivity is invariably found and is a hallmark of GIST. EGIST in anterior abdominal wall are extremely rare and very few cases had been reported
in past. Majority of EGIST reported in past were actually GIST with metastasis to an Extra GI site. But present case shows origin of tumor over
abdominal wall.
Case report: We report a 65 year old male with EGIST in anterior abdominal wall. A well defined heterogenous soft tissue mass measuring 1.0 x
2.0 x 2.2cm was found over left anterolateral abdominal wall. Fat plane with skin, left rectus muscle, and underlying bowel loop was maintained but
were lost with External oblique muscle. Excisional biopsy of the lesion shown a circumscribed mass having spindle cell pattern with focal
fascicular pattern and with 30-40 mitosis per 50 High power field (HPF). Immunohistochemistry shows strong cytoplasmic positivity for CD117,
and also for smooth muscle antigen (SMA). Classifying this case in high risk category, Imatinib mesylate 400mg once daily was prescribed as
adjuvant treatment.


GIST; CD117, Imatinib Mesylate; Abdominal wall mass

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