Dr Chaitali Hambire, Dr Amol Patil, Dr. Deepali Patekar, Dr Vaibhav Wani, Dr Umesh V Hambire


Background: A questionnaire study was conducted among 567 undergraduate students and 151 postgraduate students. The objectives of this study
were to explore the awareness and beliefs regarding infection control in dental clinics (Aim 1), to evaluate the knowledge regarding hand hygiene
(Aim2) and to evaluate the practice of hand hygiene (Aim 3).
Method: The students responded to a self-administered survey consisting of 22 questions related to hand hygiene and infection control in dental
Result: Majority of students (94- 97%) of students were aware that saliva and blood can be the modes of transmission of infection. 86.43% of
students washes their hand before touching the patient, only 31.26% washed their hands after touching the patient surroundings.
Conclusion: The results of this study should alert the teachers of dental profession to create awareness among their students regarding practical
application of infection control measures.


Dental students, WHO Guidelines, Hand hygiene, Infection control, Hand Rubbing

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