Dr Parveen Singh, Dr Kamna Singh, Dr Yangchen Dolma


The study was done with the objective to determine the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among school going Adolescent of District Kathua
and to study the various risk factors associated with Adolescent Obesity.A Cross sectional study was conducted for a period of two months from
October to November 2019.The study area include Urban Health Training Centre, Krishna colony (UHTC) which is the field practice area of
government medical college, Kathua. Line listing of all the government and private schools of Krishna colony was done accordingly. Out of the
enlisted school, 4 Government and 4 private schools was selected randomly by lottery method. A predesigned, semi structured closed ended
questionnaire was self administered to each pupil. Anthropometry was done by measuring height and weight by standardized equipments and BMI
was calculated accordingly. WHO 2007 Growth reference for 5- 19 years was used for classifying overweight and obesity using age and gender
specific cut off points. Data was entered in Microsoft Excel. Descriptive statistics was expressed in the form of number and Percentages. Inferential
statistics was calculated using Epi info. Chi square test was done and p Value less than .05 was taken as significant. Prevalence was found to be more
in private schools. Less physical activity, intake of non veg diet, frequent intake of non vegetarian diet, visit to restaurant more than a week and
positive family history of Diabetes mellitus were found to be significant risk factor for overweight and obesity.Interventions at school level like
health education to inculcate healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and health impact of overweight and obesity is emphasized. Counselling to overweight
and obese children and their parents can be given at repeated intervals.Advocacy through IEC material and involvement of health sector may help
in preventing obesity and obesity related diseases in the long run.


Prevalence, Obesity, Overweight, Risk factor

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