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Hemoptysis is a common and potentially life threatening complaint it is a important and alarming symptom and often indicates a serious disease
(coughing of blood from glottis).Hemoptysis is the expectoration of blood coming from tracheobronchial tree (or) pulmonary parenchyma. The
major causes include bronchitis, primary (or) metastatic cancer, autoimmune disorders, pulmonary infection and cardiac etiologies.Diagniostic
evaluation frequently involves in computed tomography (CT) of chest and invasive procedure such as bronchoscopy to indentify severe
complications. The lung cancer, bronchiectosis, bronchitis and pneumonia are the leading cause of hemoptysis in the cohort studies. Moderate to
evaluate hemoptysis while bronchitis and lung cancer are commonly assessed with milder degrees of bleeding. The mortality rate patients with
mild to moderate of hemoptysis was low at(2.5% and 6% respectively).the mortality rate is high in massive hemoptysis(heavy) patient is (38%).the
tuberculosis is reported as a important cause of hemoptysis. The high prevalence of hemoptysis is seen in Africa, inner city of new York and tigerberg
(south African) countries. It may be massive (more than 600 ml in 24 hrs) which can be dangerous to the life. Pulmonary tuberculosis remains
number one cause of hemoptysis in developing countries. CT scan chest and bronchoscopy can give most of information in the patient. The
endobronchial technique like ice cold saline lavage,balloon tamponade and bronchial artery.Embolization have been devised to temporarily to
control hemoptysis. Newer technique of physiological lung exclusion has given more information.


CT scan of chest, Bronchoscopy, Physiological Exclusion, Hemoptysis.

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