Dr. Maydina Achom, Dr. Rahul Chopra, Dr. Nikhil Sharma


INTRODUCTION: The presence of an aberrant frenum near the gingival margin, negatively impact the gingival health by interfering with
effective plaque removal. Any tension on this frenum tends to pull the gingiva eventually leading to gingival recession and midline diastema. This
can lead to fundamental problems in periodontal, orthodontic and prosthetic treatments, hence surgical removal of this aberrant frenum is
advocated. Recently, diode laser has been successfully used for the removal of aberrant frenum. Thus, the aim of this study was to compare and
evaluate three different techniques of frenectomy.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: 30 patients with aberrant frenum attachment; were allotted to three groups of 10 patients each i.e., GROUP A
(Conventional Technique); GROUP B (Diode Laser assisted Technique); GROUP C (combination of Diode Laser assisted using Conventional
Technique). The clinical parameters recorded were: Wound healing, Degree of pain and patient's satisfaction levels and number of analgesic taken
RESULTS: No post- operative complications were seen in all the groups. Intergroup comparison shows significant difference between the groups
however, in Group C patients better wound healing was observed and also experience lesser pain.
Conclusion: Diode lasers can be desirable adjunctive and alternative to scalpel in terms of early wound healing, reduced operative time and pain
perception for correction of frenal anomalies.


Frenectomy, Conventional Scapel Technique, Laser Therapy.

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