Dr Vasudha Sharma, Dr Anupam Sharma


AIM: The aim of the present in vitro study was to analyze the hydroxyl ion as well as the calcium ion diffusion from Calcium Hydroxide pastes after ultrasonic activation, in simulated external root resorption

MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY : For this in vitro study,  single rooted sound human maxillary anteriors and premolars  were used . To simulate external root resorption, cavities (1.4mmin diameter and 0.7 mm in depth) on the buccal surface of the roots were create The samples prepared were then divided into 3 groups according to the vehicle used .In GROUP 1 the vehicle was an aqueous vehicle-distilled water. In GROUP 2, the vehicle was a viscous vehicle – Propylene glycol. .In GROUP 3, vehicle was 2% chlorhexidene.. The root canals were filled with the paste using the Lentulo Spiral, at the standard working length of 14mm. The specimen were  evaluated  for PH and calcium ion after 24 hours, 7, 14, and 28 days .


RESULT: The results showed that all the experimental groups showed diffusion of hydroxyl and calcium ions. The pH of all these preparations was observed to be higher. The ion diffusion in all three groups was improved significantly when ultrasonic activation was used to agitate the medicament. The choice of vehicle seems to affect the efficacy of medicaments.


CONCLUSION : The present study concluded that the choice of vehicle seems to affect the efficacy of medicaments. The agitation of medicament with ultrasonic apparatus significantly improves the ion diffusion rendering it more effective.


calcium hydroxide root resorption ultrasonic activation

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