Dr Koustubh R. Bagul, Dr Swayam Prava Baral, Dr Monika P. Bagul


Background: A growing body of evidence suggests that immunological and inflammatory mechanisms may play important roles in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia . Various immune alterations, such as increased frequency of activated lymphocytes, abnormal levels of inflammatory cytokines (Potvin et al. 2008, Müller 2013), and pathogenic autoantibodies (Zandi et al. 2011), have been observed in patients with schizophrenia.

 Materials and Methods: Cross-sectional study of 6 months at mgm psychiatry dept involving 100 schizophrenia patients and 100 controls after considering inclusion and exclusion criteria. Blood sample was collected for CBC parameters and ESR. PANSS and BPRS were applied.

Results: Patient group has shown significantly MORE TOTAL WBC AND POLYMORPHS than control group. POLYMORPHS COUNT has significant positive correlation with duration of illness in month.

 Haemoglobin has significant negative correlation with PANSS negative score and significant positive correlation with composite index.

Conclusion: Schizophrenia patients have raised CBC parameters as compared to healthy control and are positively correlated to duration of illness thus substantiating the inflammatory hypothesis of schizophrenia.


inflammation, immunological, schizophrenia,

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