Geetha K V, Sruthi M V, Catherin Nisha, Sesil Mariya, Vidhu Joshy


Background: The India is witnessing rapid urbanization in this 21st century. Due to this unplanned rapid urbanization, slum population emerged. Many of the health problems in slums come from the lack of access or demand for the basic services.  Methods: A community based cross-sectional study was conducted in a slum area in Thrissur District. Door to door survey was conducted in 93 households and data regarding 402 residents was collected using a standard semi-structured Heath Need Assessment questionnaire. Results: The adult sex ratio was 1094 but under-five sex ratio was 800. Ante natal care and immunization coverage was 100%, but 33.33% of eligible couples had unmet need of family planning, 18.5% had started early weaning and 29.6% had given pre-lacteal feeds. Almost every household had vector breeding sites.  Conclusions: There is need for promotion of health awareness activities on family planning methods, breast feeding practices and integrated vector management.   


Health need assessment, Urban slum, Immunization

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