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INTRODUCTION: The major salivary glands are parotid , submandibular and sublingual while minor salivary glands
are located throughout submucosa of upper aero-digestive tract with maximum amount on the palate. Both benign and
malignant tumours may develop in salivary glands . The commonest benign and malignant tumours of salivary gland are pleomorphic adenoma
with 80% incidence . The incidence of tumours is that about 80% of parotid gland , while 10% to 20% in submandibular and sublingual glands.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A 5year retrospective study was carried out in the Department of pathology , Saveetha medical college after
obtaining approval from Institutions Ethics Committee. Sample size included all the salivary gland specimens received during the period of
study. The parameters analysed in the study were age, gender, site and histopathological diagnosis of the lesions . H & E slides were re-stained and
reviewed independently by two pathologists.
RESULTS: Total 34 cases of salivary gland lesion retrieved and evaluated . Out of them21 cases were male and 13 were female . Mean age of the
cases was 41.3 years. Among the salivary gland lesions, non neoplastic lesions 46.8% and neoplastic lesions are 52.8% . Among the neoplastic
lesions benign tumours comprises 44.11% and malignant tumour comprises of 8.82% .
CONCLUSION: The Parotid gland is the commonest site for occurrence of salivary gland tumours . Pleomorphic adenoma is the most frequent
benign tumour whereas squamous cell carcinoma is the most commonest malignant tumour of salivary glands .

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