Dr. Nisha. S. R. Manuel, Dr. D. Niranjan


INTRODUCTION: The morphological variations of thyroid gland have been reported from different parts of the world1. The thyroid gland is the most common endocrine organ which gets operated throughout the globe. A wide range of morphological variations    and developmental anomalies of the thyroid have been reported in literature which can have numerous clinical and surgical implications2. The aim of the present study, is to   study about the possible morphological variation of  thyroid gland among the Tamil Nadu population. This study was conducted for a period of 36 months (3 years) in the department of   Anatomy, Government Medical College, Omandurar  Government Estate, Chennai-2, between  September 2016 -  September  2019   by  dissection method in 30   adult  cadavers(30- right & 30- left sides) . Then results were noted, tabulated and interpreted.


Pyramidal lobe, Levator Glandulae thyroideae, Agenesis, isthmus, thyroid gland

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