Mehnaz Choudhary, Roopali Jandial


BACKGROUND: Fallopian tube is a commonly encountered specimen in histopathology laboratory but there are only occasional studies documenting the histological spectrum of lesions associated with tubal Pathology.

AIM: The present study was undertaken to know the spectrum of histological patterns encountered in various lesions of the fallopian tube.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: A sample size of 250 cases were included in the study. All the cases were processed by routine histopathological techniques and the sections were prepared using routine haematoxylin and eosin staining techniques.

RESULTS: It was a retrospective study of 250 cases. Out of 250 cases, 150(64%) were normal whereas in 100(36%) cases fallopian tubes were abnormal. Out of which majority 98.7% were non-neoplastic and only 1.3 % were neoplastic.  Out of non neoplastic lesions, majority was inflammatory(18.40%) followed by ectopic tubal gestation in 12% of the cases.


: fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, salpingitis

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