Dr. Anil. Rachappa. Muragod, Sindoora Sreenivas


Introduction: The old age home individuals have psychological and health issues as they are neglected by their families.Mood and behavior differs in elderly who are living with and without family.Depression is a prevalent and disabling condition in older persons (≥ 60 years) that increases the risk of mortality and negatively influences quality of life (QOL).Sleep insufficiency is one of the major problems in facing elderly, it may decreased ability of performing daily tasks and may also increase risk of fall.Ageing may consequently impair the quality of life (QOL) of older adults.Hence there is necessity to study relationship with depression, sleep quality and quality of life in elderly in oldage homes in India.

Materials & Methodology: A cross-sectional, observational study was conducted in Belagavi city across 5 oldage homes. Screening of depression by using geriatric depression scale (short form). 55 subjects met with the inclusion criteria. Elderly suffering with depression was target population. 55 subjects met the inclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria was subjects scores >5. Elderly subjects in oldage homes since 1 month or more. Exclusion criteria was who all are wheel chair bounded/ dependent elderly. Individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease. Any surgeries done in past 6 months, elderly who are incomprehensible. Outcome measures used for screening depression in elderly by using geriatric depression scale (Short form) then quality of sleep assessed  by using Pittsburg’s sleep quality index and quality of life using CASP-19 scale in elderly in oldage homes. .

Results: The correlation analysis was found by Spearman’s correlation analysis. GDS with CASP-19 is positive and statistically significant at 5% level (0.014). GDS with PSQI positive and statistically insignificant association p value as (0.293).

Conclusions: The study concluded that the sleep quality and quality of life are associated with depression in older adults. There is direct relationship between depression, sleep quality and quality of life. This findings states that if depression can be prevented there would be a improvement in sleep quality and QOL in older individuals in old age homes. 


Depression, quality of sleep, quality of life, GDS, CASP-19, old age homes.

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