Sana Ibad Khan, Manish Agrawal


OBJECTIVES: 1)To study the clinical profile of children's presented with first episode of seizures.
2)To study the correlation between the clinical profile, type of seizures and lesions detected on CT scan.
SETTINGS: Children with first episode of seizures presented in SIMS OPD and IPD with abnormal body movements.
DURATION: 1 year (September 2018- august 2019)
DESIGN: Longitudinal observational study
PARTICIPANTS: A total 100 patients being presented to Department of Pediatrics in OPD and IPD with first episode of seizures of age group 1
month- 16yrs.
RESULTS: Out of 100 cases of seizures majority of cases belongs to age group 1-5 years (36%), there was male predominance (63%) noted.
Most common presentation of seizures was GTCS. The associated symptoms noted with seizures were fever (32%) followed by breathing
difficulty (16%), altered sensorium (3%). Febrile seizures were most common followed by hypocalcemic sezure , CNS infections.
CONCLUSION: Seizures are common neurological problems with maximum number of cases in younger age group. Febrile seizures are most
common cause. CT scan have 27% sensitivity in diagnosing etiological cause of seizures


seizure, febrile seizure, CT scan

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