Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chokkakula, Dr. Pradeep Rongali, Dr G. Swarnalatha Devi


Objectives: To study the different changes in ECG and echocardiographic patterns in the cases of cerebrovascular accidents and to assess whether these different changes have got any prognostic significance in these cases.

Method: 100 patients of acute stroke were considered and ECG and 2D echo of these patients was done within 24 hours of admission. In hospital follow-up was done to know the prognosis of all the patients.

Results: ECG abnormalities noted among cerebral infarct group were presence of U- waves (51.47%), prolonged QTc (36.76%) were most common followed by T-wave inversion (30.88%), and ST segment depression (30.88%). In cases of hemorrhagic stroke, ST depression (56.26%) and U-wave (56.26%) were the most common abnormalities. LV dysfunction was the most common 2D echo abnormality in both the stroke types – 23.53% and 56.26% i.e., in infarct and hemorrhage groups respectively.

Conclusion: ST segment depression, QTc prolongation and U-waves are the common ECG abnormalities in hemorrhagic strokes. QTc prolongation and U-waves are the common ECG abnormality in ischemic stroke. LV dysfunction is the most common 2D echocardiographic abnormality in stroke patients. ECG abnormalities in stroke patients do not have any prognostic significance. LV dysfunction has prognostic significance in predicting mortality in CVA.



Stroke, CVA, ECG, 2Decho, ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke, Lv dysfunction, T inversions, QT prolongation.

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