Dr. Sunil Dutt Dwivedi, Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi


In Ayurvedic Classics Atreya, Dhanvantari Sushruta and all other communities have made it important the knowledge of body to have undoubtedly for the sake of knowledge.The definition of Sandhi in various Ayurvedic literature are given as “asthi samyoga sthaaana” or “to unite” or “the meeting point of two or more stuctures. counted so only Asthi Sandhi or bony joints should be considered under the term Sandhis. In our Ayurvedic literature different Aacharyas have mentioned different numbers of Sandhi. According to Aacharya Sushruta Sandhis are two hundred and ten in number, which are responsible for various movements, and are distributed throughout the body.In Ayurvedic Samhitas the description of anatomy of Sandhi in detail is not found. It is observed that the incidence of joints disorders  are increasing in today‟s world. It is the burning problem for people and society. A thorough knowledge of the structure and function of the joint is required to diagnose and treat the diseases of joints


Sandhi, asthi samyoga, to unite”

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