Dr. satish Saraf


The present investigation deals with the preliminary survey of cestode parasites such as Senga sp. and Circumoncobothrium sp, collected from the intestine of a Mastecembalus armatus in Jayakwadi dam, Paithan, Aurangabad district (M.S.) India during June, 2016 to May, 2017. The high incidence of infection of all these species Senga sp. and Circumoncobothrium sp, was recorded in summer season (71.43% and 67.86% respectively) followed by winter season (59.38% and 59.38% respectively) whereas  infection was low in monsoon season (40% and 36%respectively). The results of present study clearly indicate that environmental factors and feeding habitat influence the seasonality of parasitic infection either directly or indirectly.


Circumoncobothrium sp., Mastecembalus armatus, Paithan, Senga sp.

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