Kala Jeethender Kumar, Sudhakar Kanumuri, O. Sai Satish, M. Jyotsna, B. Srinivas, N. Rama Kumari, K. Satya Bharathi Lakshmi, Rajender Betham, Anil Kumar Enikapalli


Aim: To determine the clinical safety and outcomes of primary angioplasty in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
(STEMI) patients.
METHODS: A retrospective, observational study included 548 STEMI patients who underwent primary percutaneous coronary intervention
(PPCI) in our hospital within 12–hours of symptom onset between January 2013 and December 2014 were included in the study. Primary
endpoint was considered as in-hospital mortality and secondary endpoint was considered as 6-months clinical outcomes (Death, myocardial
infarction, target lesion revascularization, target vessel revascularization (TVR), stent thrombosis and major/minor bleeding).
RESULTS: In-hospital mortality was observed in 20 (3.6%) patients. TVR, major and minor bleeding was observed in 5 (0.9%), 5 (0.9%) and 11
(2.0%) patients, respectively. At 6-months follow-up, 5 (0.9%) patients died and 5 (0.9%) patients had TVR.
CONCLUSION: This study suggests that PPCI for STEMI can be safely performed in a regional institution with an acceptable door-to-balloon
time and low major adverse cardiac event rates.


Coronary artery disease; door-to-balloon time; percutaneous coronary intervention; ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

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