Dr Divya Swami, Dr Ashok Shinde, Dr Yasmeen Zubairy, Dr Shikha Choubey, Dr Vivek Saxena


Teaching- learning is an essential but complicated process in medical education.1 As time passes by, the competency levels and standards have risen, so have the settings for evaluation. Newer objective methods of assessment like Objective Structured Practical Examination help assess the students in a better way for their clinical skills. The first year students of bachelor of Dental Surgery were exposed to two methods of evaluation namely OSPE and conventional examination in a formative practical test. The average marks obtained by each method were recorded and analyzed using Student t-test. The mean score of the marks was 5.5 ± 2.31, through conventional practical exam which was significantly lesser than that by the objective method of evaluation, 7.89 ± 3.14 (p <0.001), when compared by t- test.


OSPE, Practical teaching, Examination, First year BDS Students

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