Dr. Rajendra Triloki, Dr. Shefali Mehta, Dr. Akhlaq Hassan, Dr Hemant Dashora, Dr. Shuchi Goyal


Background: Tobacco smoking is  one of the most common habit in humans across  the world which  have  many  oxidative substances  that  alteres  uric acid which is  an important antioxidant   in our body.

Aims and objectives: Study to prevent smoking as a habit and its hazards  and compare the uric acid  levels in smokers and nonsmokers with correlation with severity and duration of smoking.

Material and methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in 50 smokers and 50 nonsmokers’ healthy adults aged 18 to 45 years, both sex male or female. Samples were collected for estimation of serum uric acid level using RXL max Siemens fully auto analyzer. Data collected was analyzed using SPSS.

Results: The mean of serum uric acid level stastically significant lower in (3.59±0.88) smokers than   (4.93±1.2) nonsmoker’s (P<0.05) which inversely correlates with Numbers of cigarettes/beedis smoked and duration of smoking.

Conclusion: It was concluded that tobacco smoking lowers the serum uric acid level & significant negative  correlation  with severity of smoking and duration of smoking  leads to  compromised antioxidant level and hazards to health. 


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