Bansal Apoorva, Gupta Rohit, Prakash Archana, Jayala N, Sarika Arora


Background: Elevated serum CA-125 levels have been used as pre-operative diagnostic and prognostic marker for
ovarian malignancy, which may increase in certain non-gynaecological disorders also. Many cases of liver cirrhosis may
be mis diagnosed as ovarian carcinoma due to combination of elevated CA125 and ascites.
Aim– To determine association between elevated serum levels of cancer antigen (CA) 125 and severity and prognosis of patients presenting with
liver diseases.
Material and Methods – A total of 80 patients were enrolled in this study. There were 34 patients of acute liver disease, 12 patients of
compensated cirrhosis and 34 patients of decompensated cirrhosis with ascites. Fasting LFT and CA -125 levels were measured in all patients.
Ultrasound abdomen was carried out to assess severity of ascites. Statistical analysis was carried out on SPSS. P-value less than 0.05 was taken as
Results- The mean CA-125 levels in patients of acute liver disease (n=34) was 8.39±4.83 U/mL, in patients of compensated cirrhosis (n=12) was
9.74±3.39 U/mL and 286.28±219.71 U/mL in patients of decompensated cirrhosis with ascites (n=34). Mean CA-125 levels were significantly
higher in patients with ascites. A significant positive correlation was observed between serum CA-125 levels and severity of ascites ( p < 0.001).
Conclusions – Serum CA-125 levels have high predictive value for determining severity and progression of liver disease.


CA =Cancer antigen, ALD= Acute liver disease, CLD= Chronic liver disease

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