Dr Anv Prasad, Dr Bikash Kumar Singh


Mental Retardation (MR) is a developmental disorder associated with impaired cognitive functioning and difficulty in
adaptive behaviors. MR impedes with quality of life and full participation in the life of the family, school and community
which needs a multi modality approach. With advanced neuroimmaging modalities updated with 3D technology and software applications more
accurate diagnosis is made. Many studies have addressed white matter abnormalities in patients with MR. Quantitative analysis of cortical
integrity using cortical thickness measurement is providing new insights into the gray matter pathology and for clinical trials of neuro protective
medications. Hence the present study of literature review was made. Definitions of abnormalities varied widely between studies and different rates
of abnormalities were reported. This review study aimed to describe changes in structural pattern of white and gray matter in MR with advanced


Mental Retardation (MR),Corpus Callosum, Cortical Thickness, Advanced Neuro imaging, systematic review study

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