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Mindfulness and forgiveness both are virtues and strength of character. Mindfulness is a technique that has been widely
practiced and positive effects has been seen on people not only mentally but also physically. This helps a person to focus
on now, on present otherwise Life can be painful and quickly pass by if we don't focus on positive and important. Its origin roots back to religion
but now it has been accepted and used as psychological therapy. Forgiveness is letting go of the pain and moving on from the past. Present study is
designed to study the relationship between mindfulness and forgiveness. For this purpose, a sample of 60 college going students (30 males, 30
females) was collected. The age range of 18-22 was taken. The purpose of the study was explained to them and their consent was taken. Statically
methods of correlation and t-test were applied. A positive low significant correlation was found between Mindfulness and Forgiveness. No gender
differences were found


Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Positive Psychology

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