Dr. Md. Aynul Hoque


The literary practices prevailed in Assam during the pre-colonial period, like other parts of the world were mostly attached with religion. The knowledge which had its utility and relevance to the day to day life situation was emphasized. As the society was divided based on activities, the people got education suited to their occupation. The curriculum was different for different groups of learners; the methods of teaching, duration of the course, medium of instruction etc. were not uniform. The people respected education and the educated, in the court there was a learned gathering of the scholars, popular discourse on common issues, literary practices like – composing the poem, recitation, writing the treatise were highly encouraged.  The record keeping in the form of Buranjis on different issues like-administration, social conditions and other forms of historical writings like- Ballads, Charit Puthis, Vamshaballies signify the lore of the Assamese in the past. The practices of some secular branches of knowledge like- Ayurveda, Dhanusvidya, jyotishsasatra, tarkavidya etc. also were learnt in those days. The period also witnessed extensive work of translation of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana, Tantra etc. from Sanskrit to the local Assamese language. The present article is an attempt to unearth the socio-cultural root of education in Assam and the social structure prevailed during the pre-colonial period. It is hoped that this article will have immense imprint in the understanding of our glorious past.


Colonial period, Culture, Education, Society, Ahoms, Religion, Economy etc.

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