Mr. V. Raghuram, Dr. S. Sudharsan


Every individual is a part of the environment, and is connected to
something else. Realization that man himself is only a threat in a vast
universe is the beginning to understanding how insignificant he really
is and yet how his actions have a capacity to upset the balance of the
restoration and protection condition in which he may thrive or perish.
Man has influenced the environment for as long as he lived throughout
much of history. Lakes are life supporting system of the society. Some
of the lakes have water only during the rainy season called as rain fed
tanks and some lakes have water throughout the year called as system
tanks. Lakes pollution is a common scenario due to urbanization and
industrialization, so the water quality of lakes becomes unfit for the
purpose assigned. Lake restoration is being practiced for several years
by central and state governance and local bodies. Even many NGO and
private firms are also involving in the restoration programme of
polluted lakes. Some popular lakes in India viz Katchrali lake, Ooty
lake, Kodaikanal lake and Hussain Sagar lakes restoration programme
have been implemented in the past years. The restoration of polluted
lake is easy in the rain fed tanks and seasonal lakes. From the past
experience it has been observed that the restoration action plan
consisting of desilting of lakes and strengthening of weirs and bunds.
The present restoration approach adopted to restore the lakes as to be
changed because of highly complicated pollution problems.

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