Dr.Deepika Dilip Vyawahare, Dr.Mrs.Snehalata Sagar Salunkhe


In this mechanical era the changing lifestyle like shift duties, excessive travelling, inappropriate postures and irregular
dietary habits has created several disharmonies. All these factors create undue pressure and stress injury to the
spine and play an important role in producing disease like Cervical Spondylosis . Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative condition of
cervical spine associated with pain, stiffness, tingling sensation radiating pain from shoulder to digits along the course of the nerve
indicates nerve root compression. Manyastambha is one of the vatavyadhi enumerated in Nanatmaja vatavyadhi . According to sushruta
nidan sthan by day sleep , sitting and standing (in fixed position) and gazing obliquely, the vata covered by kapha causes manyastambha.
Thus manyastambha is the clinical entity in which the movements of the neck are impared and there is stiffness. Manyastambha can be
co-related with cervical spondylosis in modern prospective.


Cervical Spondylosis, Manyastambha, Vatavyadhi

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