Dr (Col) O. P. Singh, Dr J P Singh


Introduction: Neonatal period  is a highly  vulnerable period in human life. Perinatal  events have lifelong repercussions.

Details  of the  profile of neonatal diseases helps in proper management of common neonatal .This leads to better survival rates and  improved quality of life amongst babies.

Method: This was a hospital based prospective study. It was conducted after approval from the hospital ethical committee

during the period of 01 May 2016 to 30 th Apr 2019. A total of 955 newborns were admitted during this period in the NICU and were enrolled for the study.

Result: The morbidity pattern i.e. cause of  hospital admissions was neonatal hyperbilirubinemia requiring phototherapy or exchange transfusion was 323 (34%) , low birth weight babies (<1800 gms)- 12 (1.2%), Respiratory Distress Syndrome-231  (24.2%),Meconium Aspiration Syndrome-42 (4.4%), sepsis-72 (7.5 %), Perinatal hypoxia-51  (5.3 %), Seizures-51 (5.3%), Hypoglycemia-42 (4.4%), Hypocalcaemia-7 2(7.5%) Intracranial Hemorrhage-10 (1%), Various Congenital Anomalies-39 (1.2%), acute Osteomyelitis, Congenital anomalies, Down’s syndrome-2(0.2%), Meningomyelocele-(2(0.2), Tracheo-esophageal fistula-(0.2%). The overall mortality was 39(4%). The major causes of mortality in this study were low birth-weight, sepsis, respiratory distress syndrome, intracranial hemorrhage- and cyanotic heart disease in that order. 55 babies were taken away against medical advice.

Conclusion: This study  identified neonatal hyperbilirubinemia  being the most important cause of morbidity and The major  causes of mortality in our study were low birth-weight, sepsis, respiratory distress syndrome, intracranial hemorrhage- and cyanotic heart disease Improving the antenatal care, maternal health and timely intervention by referral to tertiary centers may go a long way in improving neonatal outcome.


Neonatal morbidity, Neonatal mortality, NICU, low birth weight

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