Dr. Salisa Shafi


Dysmenorrhea one of the commonest disorder that affects the woman folk and affects the quality of life and sometimes
results in activity restriction. It is also found as the leading cause of periodic college / school absentinism of adolescent
girls. Almost 80% of women at sometimes in their lives suffer from the ailment or discomfort during menstruation . It refers to the pain associated
with menstruation . It has got two main types primary and secondary .Primary dysmenorrhea is used to describe normal period pain experienced
by many women during the time of their periods and there is no underlying pathology . Secondary dysmenorrhea is used to describe pain resulting
from an underlying gynaecologicalproblem . There are various measures mentioned inUnani literature which are useful in tackling this problem
like sitz bath, cupping , dietotherapy and also number of herbal drugs. The review highlightens concept of dysmenorrhea both Modern and Unani
and its related treatments therapies and drugs .


Gynaecology,period,menstruation,usr – tams - primary and secondary etc.

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