J. Gladson


It is universally accepted that IT firms are highly knowledge intensive. The most disturbing feature of IT professionals is that they live at the edge of constant change. They have to cope with long working hours, unending user demands, unmet dead lines and skill obsolescence. In fact the work environment of the IT professionals, the world over is complex and stressful. Stress is considered to be a very dangerous problem which is endowed with the innate potentials to impair the lives of its victims. However, those who want to achieve great things in life and make the best possible use of the highly enviable  opportunities available in the IT field should necessarily learn the ways and means of conquering it at any cost. This paper seeks to explain how the dreaded problem of stress could be over come by making use of the facilities provided by the IT firms themselves for meditation, creative visualization, counseling and relaxation. As these stress fighting programmes are easily accessible, company sponsored and specially designed to suit the needs and convenience of IT professionals at work they are treated for all practical purposes as “on the job stress management programmes



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