Mrs. Mitali Nautiyal, Dr. N. Vasugi


The textile industry provides one of the most basic needs of people “cloth”, and is helping in maintaining sustained growth for improving the quality of life. Over the past few decades sustainability has become a major concern for the textile and apparel industry. This study provides information concerning the type of sustainable raw materials used in the knitting industry, with respect to its environmental sustainability. A survey was conducted in the Tirupur knitwear industry and data was collected by interview schedule on raw material selection and the factors affecting it. The aim of the study was to understand the industry and the demand and supply of sustainable raw materials. The survey established that conventionally grown cotton is the main fibre used in the Tirupur knitwear industry. There has been a tremendous growth in the demand for environmentally sustainable yarns and organic cotton had played an important role in fulfilling this demand. Bamboo, BCI cotton, linen, and recycled cotton are used moderately but not up to their potential


Raw Material for Knitting; Sustainable raw materials; Application of Sustainability; Tirupur Knitwear Garment Industry, Yarns in knitwear industry.

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