Dr. Pranabashish Banerjee, Dr. Arunava Ghosh, Dr. Sangeeth Prakash, Dr. Gautam Das


Thyroid disorders are one of the most common endocrine diseases known worldwide for which patients require medical or surgical intervention. There had been tremendous increase in the incidence and prevalence of various benign and neoplastic pathologies of the gland in the recent past and hence their respective surgical interventions too have increased proportionately. Thyroid pathology is extremely common in the sub Himalayan terrain and considering the geographical location of North Bengal Medical College, we had been performing a significant number of thyroid surgeries since a long time. Our present study is a descriptive retrospective cohort study which deals with the complications after total or completion thyroidectomy with or without neck dissection.(CND with/without MRND). A detailed review of the complications along with the management and its respective literature review are also presented herewith.


Total Thyroidectomy, Hypocalcemia, RLN palsy

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