Dr. Chetna Ashok Shamkuwar, Dr. Nalini Kumari, Dr. Sushant H. Meshram


The incidence of CKD is increasing and there are very few studies of medication prescribing pattern in Haemodialysis patients in central India, hence the  present study was planned  to evaluate the  medication prescribing pattern in CKD patients on haemodialysis.

Methodology: An observational study with prospective design was conducted in the department of Nephrology in a superspeciality tertiary care teaching hospital from May 2011 to May 2012 and a total hundred and twenty (120) patients were enrolled after written informed consent of each patient. 

Results: Out of 120 patients of CKD undergoing hemodialysis, 95 were males and 25 were females with a mean age of 41.37 ± 13.25.  Most common co-morbid condition associated with CKD was hypertension (92) followed by anemia (50). A total of 1926 drugs were prescribed off which only 285 drugs were prescribed by generic name. a total of 15 patients died out of 75 patients which were prescribed between 8-15 drugs about 12 patients died (9%).


CKD, Hemodialysis, Prescribing patterns.

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