Dr, Amit Vyas, Dr. Gopal Singh Maravi


Background: Emergence from general anesthesia and tracheal extubation may be associated with tremendous physiological and metabolic stress in patients which could be major concern for the anesthesiologist in patients especially with neurosurgical patients. Methodology: A total of 60 patients of ASA physical status I and II between ages 18-60 years undergoing neurosurgery were evaluated for respiratory events like bucking, cough, desaturation, chin lift, jaw thrust and any complications that have occurred in two extubation methods. Results: In Group-A 86.67% patients have shown significant event of bucking and cough while desaturation events were comparable in two groups. Manipulation events i.e. Chin lift and jaw thrust had to perform in 66.67% and 21.67% respectively, in patients of Group-A compared to only 03.33% patients in Group-B (p<0.05). All the patients in Group-A have shown at least one complication while in Group-B only 33.33%. Conclusion: ETT/LMA exchange is the most effective technique for achieving the clinical endpoint of the study, i.e., prevention of emergence respiratory complication compared to awake extubation method.


Respiratory parameters, Emergence, Neurosurgical Patients

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