Dr. B, Madhukiran reddy, Dr. Y. Sirisha, Dr. S. Phanindra Babu, Dr. P. Shalima


Background: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a usual disorder and presents as a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge to physicians . Early identification and screening of neuropathy is necessary to decrease morbidity due to diabetes mellitus

Aims and objectives:

-To determine the pattern of NCV in symptomatic diabetic study group

-To determine the correlation of diabetic neuropathy symptom score(DNS) with NCV results

Materials and methods

The study was carried in Dr.PSIMS & RF , on 100 cases of symptomatic diabetics .Diabetic

neuropathy symptom score was taken based on symptoms and Nerve conduction studies(NCS) and HbA1c were performed and data was analyzed .

Results: The pattern of NCV among the study population were Axonal-SM (74%), Axonal-PS (16%), Demyelinating (9%), Axonal-PM (1% ).There is a significance in the correlation of DNS with various patterns of NCV.

Conclusion:There is higher incidence of axonal sensory motor neuropathy in diabetes mellitus . DNS score is an acceptable tool to screen for peripheral neuropathy


Diabetes mellitus,Nerve conduction studies,Diabetic neuropathy symptom score

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