Aswathy Sundaresh, Aparna K, Komala PT, Viji Krishnan, Dinesh Roy D


Majority of the hypothyroidism are thought to be sporadic, but <10% of hypothyroid conditions are familial (hereditary). The actual reason behind the familial hypothyroidism and the extent of oxidative stress between familial and sporadic hypothyroidism are to be identified. Hence the present study was under taken to evaluate the extent of oxidative stress and genetic instabilities in familial hypothyroidism and compared with sporadic hypothyroid and healthy control subjects. Thirty eight subjects with varying degrees of familial hypothyroidism, twenty subjects with sporadic hypothyroidism and twenty five healthy control subjects were selected to evaluate the extent of oxidative stress by quantifying the MDA concentration and genetic instabilities by mutagen induced chromosome sensitivity analysis. Laboratory investigations like, RBS, Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL-C, LDL-C, T3, T4 and TSH were also evaluated and correlated. Subjects with familial hypothyroidism showed statistically significant elevation in MDA concentration and mean b/c value compared to sporadic hypothyroid subjects and control subjects. Moreover, a positive correlation was also observed between these abnormal biochemical concentrations with elevated MDA concentration and mean b/c value. The study frankly observed that, the extent of various biochemical, endocrinological and molecular risk factors are more among subjects with familial hypothyroidism than sporadic hypothyroidism.


Familial Hypothyroidism, Oxidative Stress, DNA Repair Mechanism, Reactive oxygen species, Somatic DNA damage

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