Rashmi Dohare, Mrs. Kavita V. Indapurkar, Mr. Umesh Ghate


Sarata is a factor which tells the strength of all dhatus. Due to variations in seasons, lifestyle, diet etc., dhatu poshan does
not take place leading to various health hazards. This lifestyle change modifies sarata of every dhatu. With the changing
diet and lifestyle patterns, bone diseases like osteopenia, osteoporosis etc. have evolved into a common health problem especially in postmenopausal
women throughout the world. In osteoporosis, there is increased bone re-sorption and decreased bone formation. Post-menopausal
women are more susceptible to osteoporosis because of low estrogen level or surgical removal of both the ovaries. BMD tests helps in the
detection of osteoporosis which is measured by bone densitometer. BMD test helps in the detection of osteoporosis which is measured by bone
densitometer. The pilot study of 50 subjects was done as per inclusive criteria. After performing densitometry, dhatu sarata examination was done
with the help of standard sarata examination Performa prepared by C-DAC (center for development of advance computing) Pune. Graphical
representation shows that there is significant relation between asthi sarata and osteoporosis. The percentage of asthi dhatu sarata lakshanas are
very less in the subjects having osteoporosis. Hence, this study will be helpful in reducing the fracture risk in post-menopausal women by early
evaluation and preventive measures.


DHATU SARATA, Osteoporosis, BMD, Post-menopausal women

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