Pranata Dalal, Dr. Vijay Kage


BACKGROUND: Neck pain is a mild musculoskeletal condition but frequent enough to be a possible health crisis.
Several conservative treatment strategies are used for treatment of mechanical neck pain. Ischemic compression is a
harmless and efficient method to successfully treat elicited myofascial trigger points. Myofascial release is an extremely interactive stretching
practice to assist in highest relaxation of tight or restricted tissues. Bowen technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy and holistic approach to pain
relief and healing. These techniques have proved to be effective in relief of various soft tissue conditions however there id dearth in information
on comparison of these techniques in non specific neck pain.
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate and compare the effect of Ischemic Compression, Myofascial release and Bowen's technique on non specific neck
METHODOLOGY: 48 subjects were recruited based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Assessment of Visual Analogue Scale, Pressure
threshold, cervical Range of Motion and Neck Disability Index was taken. The subjects were then allocated to Group A, B and C. Group A
received Ischemic Compression along with Conventional Therapy which included Therapeutic Ultrasound, Neck exercises and Hot Moist Pack.
Group B received Myofascial Release along with Conventional Therapy and Group C received Bowen technique along with conventional
therapy. The three groups were re-assessed after the treatment (1week).
RESULTS: There was a statistical significant change within all the three groups in the VAS, NDI, PPT and ROM (cervical flexion and lateral
flexion) with p- value of 0.0001. Pair wise comparison showed a high significance between Group A and C.
CONCLUSION: All the three techniques were effective in reducing pain intensity, increasing ROM,pressure threshold and improving
functional status however Bowen Technique was more effective as compared to Ischemic Compression.


Non Specific Neck Pain, Ischemic Compression, Myofascial Release, Bowen Technique.

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