Dr. Jay Vardhan, Jata Shanker Verma, Dr. Anuj Singh Kushwaha, Dr. Ahmad Husain


AIM: To determine incidence of anterior and posterior segment inammation after cataract surgery.
DESIGN: Prospective hospital based observational study.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: Patient collection in Government college Kannauj October 2018 to September 2019 .According to Helnsinki's
declaration ,examination done after cataract surgery in SICS and PHACO both.
RESULT: SICS and Phacoemulsication do not differ signicantly in inammation and nal BCVA outcomes. SPSS software windows (version
18, SPSS Inc) was used for stastical analysis.
CONCLUSION: SICS and PHACO both having chance of anterior and posterior segment inammation, visual recovery in case of PHACO is


Ucva -uncorrected Visual Acuity ,bcva -best Corrected Visual Acuity,va–visual Acuity, Iop-intraocular Pressure,pod- Postoperative Day, Sics-small Incision Cataract Surgery, Phaco-phacoemulsication, Ac- Anterior Chamber

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